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Unmortal is a survival game that takes place during the rise of the new world order, Xykra. The game follows the protagonist, Ryan Cole, as he tries to find who's actually in charge of the mysterious organization and put a stop to it. Unmortal also contains an online multiplayer mode that takes place in an alternate reality, where Xykra controls the world. You need to collect resources, build your base, and defend yourself against other players and invaders.


Within the online mode, players can collect resources from around the world and create items or structures. Structures can be built on plots of land. Turrets and traps can be deployed to defend your base from other players planning to raid your base. Bases can only be invaded while the player is online, preventing all progress being lost while idle. Not only can you invade player's bases, but there are areas of the map that are run by Xykra, containing high tech weapons, vehicles, and materials.



17th Jun 2019

I've recently been working on making sure Unmortal is in a stable working state. I've also uploaded the source files to Github and taken backups of the game to ensure I always have an up to date copy of the source files.

Recently I've been planning to remake some old systems in Unmortal to work better with the newer releases of Unity and be generally more efficient. Some of these systems include:

I won't continue working on adding features to the game until these new systems are in place and work with eachother. It's a necessary step towards having a stable version of the game to add new features onto.